Please find the syllabus here: Syllabus

This class will provide the statistical background needed for students to study econometrics, financial statistics and more advanced methods of quantitative analyses in the natural and social sciences. We will learn about the basic laws of probability, random events, independence and dependence, expectations, and Bayes theorem. We will also cover discrete and continuous random variables, density, and distribution functions. Other topics include introduction to maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesian inference, one and two-sample mean problems, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop tools for designing and analyzing basic statistical studies, and for understanding statistical methods.
  • Provide the mathematical and statistical background needed to study econometrics, nancial statistics, and other quantitative analyses in the natural and social sciences.
  • Develop approaches to analyzing data in economics, public policy, social science, and the natural sciences.
  • Use statistical software to summarize data and perform data analysis.

Textbook: Probability and Statistics (4th edition) by De Groot and Schervish.

Acknowledgement: This web page contains information, lecture notes, examples, and datasets developed by Dr. David Banks and Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.