Peer-reviewed & Invited Publications

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Hu, J., Akande, O., and Wang, Q., “Multiple Imputation and Synthetic Data Generation with the R package NPBayesImputeCat,” submitted. [arXiv Link]
  • Wang, Z., Akande, O., Poulos, J., Li F., “Are deep learning models superior for missing data imputation in complex surveys?: Evidence from an empirical comparison,” submitted.

Articles in Preparation

  • Wongkamthong, C., and Akande, O., “Imputing survey responses on political ideology using a hierarchical Dirichlet process mixture of multinomial distributions.”
  • Akande, O., Hu, J., Wang, Q., and Reiter, J. P., “Edit-Imputation and Synthetic Data Generation For Household Data with the R package NestedCategBayesImpute.”